The Klickitat County E-911 Dispatch Center, division of the Klickitat County Emergency Management Department, is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service to the citizens, visitors and emergency service personnel within our community. It is our mission to answer all E-911 and non-emergent calls with professionalism and compassion while efficiently dispatching police, fire and medical services. It is our commitment to offer those in our community the best that Klickitat County Emergency Management has to offer.

Always there, always ready.

Emergency Management:

The Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management’s (DEM’s) mission is to provide and coordinate resources in the preparation for, protection of, and response to, any and all threats to life, property and the environment. We will support our residents and entities by collaborating, building, sustaining and improving our capabilities using a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency preparedness program.

New Dispatch Center:

Our new, state of the art 911 system is a vast improvement fro1003m the antiquated system that was originally in place. Computer monitors have replaced the  large cumbersome consoles of old. Now with just a click of a mouse or a tap on a comp
uter screen, valuable time is saved responding to emergencies across our entire county.


In conjunction with the improvements and implementation of additional radio towers, Dispatchers can now communicate with police, fire and medical in areas that emergency responders were previously unreachable by radio.  This has had a profound impact in reducing the response time to emergencies as well as provide additional safety for all emergency responders.

The most visible improvement is 1000that of the center itself.  Gone are the days of working in a dark, cramped and noisy environment adjacent to the county jail.  Dispatchers have repeatedly commented that the spacious surroundings and large windows have made a noticeably positive impact in reducing the stress of their otherwise, stressful vocation.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the many citizens in our community.  Thank you!  Together, we are making a difference.